In the beginning of 2002 Sven broke his ankle setting him up for 8 months of recovering, the video game Aggressive Inline was introduced. Ten skaters got a featured and Sven was one of them. 

Dutch interview: Sven talking about his roll in Aggressive Inline

Sven was invited to Japan for the opening of a big skatepark. For extra promotion the organization made these poster. 

One of Hollands biggest newspapers (Telegraaf) followed Sven to Barcelona. While he was competing for the European X-Games in Barcelona.


Results 2002

- 3rd place X-Trails Dalles, TX Park

- 1st place X-Trails Atlanta, USA Park

- 1st place European X-Gams Barcelona, Spain Park

- 1st place European Championships Rome, Italy Park

- 2nd place European Championships Rome, Italy Halfpipe